Breeding Trait Selector

Welcome to AHDB Dairy’s Breeding Trait Selector - our tool to help you identify and prioritise the genetic traits to meet your breeding goals.

The Selector will consider your calving pattern, contract and breed strategy alongside the areas of performance you would like to improve. Based on this info, it will give you a recommendation of the traits to look for in the next team of bulls you will use on your herd.

This tool will not give recommendation of specific bulls to use but the traits which will help you to reach your breeding goals.

For help in calculating the number of straws to purchase please use AHDB Dairy’s Breeding Season Semen Calculator and for more information on selecting the right sires for your herd visit our Breeding Blocks page.

Stage 1: About your herd

Stage 1: Which areas of your herd’s performance are you satisfied with or could these be improved?

Stage 2: Select & Prioritise Traits for Improvement

The traits within the areas you selected as ‘Satisfied’ with in stage 1 are not available to select at this stage. To reconsider these in your breeding plan please return to stage 1.

Please select 2 or more traits to priorise. You may prioritise up to 4 traits from those you select.

You have now selected the maximum number of traits for prioritisation.


Look at top 50% of , and {{ }} {{ form.aboutHerd.calvingPattern.value }} bulls focussing on , and {{}} while maintaining favourable genetics for , and {{}}

Remember, all traits listed are addressed by the {{ form.aboutHerd.calvingPattern.value }} so by looking at the top 50% of bulls, these should also improve. However please ensure the final bulls selected do not have any unfavourable traits.

For more information on specific traits or the {{ form.aboutHerd.calvingPattern.value }} visit our Useful resources & related information page

Click here to get started on selecting your next team of bulls

Click here to get started on selecting your next team of bulls