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To help improve farmers' competitiveness, we have created a clear set of measures and targets so they can benchmark their performance and identify areas for improvement. The genetic merit of your herd is one of these. Fully milk recording herds can find their average milking herd genetic merit through the AHDB Dairy Herd Genetic Report (HGR). This tool has been created for herds who are not able to receive a Herd Genetic Report.

Please select your calving pattern from the drop down menu.

Search for bulls with daughters in your milking herd using either their name or herdbook number, partial names and herdbook numbers can be searched. Select the specific bull from the list using the ‘Add’ button. To clear the list click ‘Clear search results’. Bulls will be added to a list below the search results.

Once a bull has been added to the list enter the number of daughters he has in your milking herd in the box ‘Number of daughters’. The bull’s individual £PLI, £SCI or £ACI is also shown in the list. The percentile and weighted averages will update as daughter numbers are input.

The figure to enter into the KPI calculator is given at the bottom of the webpage. Remember to save the permalink at the top right hand side of the page in order to save this list and edit in the future.

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